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For centuries massage has been used by the medical community to reduce or eliminate pain. The Romans understood that stress led to disease and so used massage in their bath houses. Early Egyptians would rub scented oils onto their skin to protect it from the dry harsh elements of the desert. Massage was and is still in use in many Asian cultures for medicinal treatments. Hippocrates said the secret to health was a good oil massage.  So the question is could thousands of years of research, use, and results be mistaken?

Balance of mind, body, and spirit are essential to good health.  It is the goal of JenniferLyn Massage Therapy to help each and every individual reach his/her optimal balance, and thus optimal health. We do not limit therapy sessions to only one modality or type of treatment, we combine different types of therapies to create the most effective treatment for each individual and his/her needs. The beautiful aspect of this type of treatment is on any given day you may be feeling the need for some Lymphatic Drainage as well as some Deep Tissue Massage, because of our philosophy we are able to provide this to you while maintaining the cost factor at a reasonable level.

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